Mind your business to own your life!

The richest 1% have as much wealth as the other 99% combined, according to Oxfam. This stunning statistic ought to take your breath away. The real question is, what are you going to do about it?

Most people will respond in two ways. They can either get depressed, whinge and complain about those greedy tax evading rich.  This may be the more typical response. Or they can make a determined resolution to do something about it. To get off the sofa, switch off that TV and get to work hammering out a life plan with a good chance of success. The fact is, the richest people in the world tend to be business people. The best way for an aspiring and ambitious individual to get rich is to build a business.

I can already hear your groaning. Yes, it is hard work. You will have to put in many hours, work weekends, put in extensive research to look out for opportunities, deal with the pain in the back bureaucracy. Oh joy. But the reality is that investment, that sacrifice and hard work is worth it.  There’s a great joke among people in the business and investment community. What does JOB stand for? Well really it means JUST OVER BROKE. When the mortgage, bills, taxes, food, clothes and other expenditure is covered you have very little left. Average Joe will have to struggle for years to keep his head above water. I personally don’t fancy that, do you, my friend?

I would rather be my own boss. To work the hours that I want. To build an organisation and then hand it over to other people to run. After an initial period of hard work if you have planned well you can see a period of growth in income, while avoiding the grinding stress of the daily commute, the boredom of the office and other challenges workers or drones have to navigate. None of this means that you don’t work. Far from it. As an ambitious and talented individual you put in the hours that you want to once your business takes off. This is how you come to Own Your Life.

I suspect that by now you may have some other objections forming in your mind.  That is entirely understandable. You may be thinking that you lack the qualifications, the skills and the experience to do something like this successfully. That is how the 99% tend to think. Many of the 1% didn’t have any particular qualifications for success either. Richard Branson and Sir Alan Sugar left school at 16. Robert Kiyosaki never went to university. They all underline the fact that business success comes from people skills and financial intelligence, both of which can thankfully be developed. You don’t have to be Einstein to do it.

Businesses can grow exponentially. That is much better than  struggling daily for a pay check which barely escapes inflation. The great thing is that you can grow it around your unique skills. If you are great with people then you may be able to do commerce. If you have an eye for property, climb that property ladder. If you are passionate about writing then get started on that portfolio. Over a year or two, you may well find yourself on the path to success, and you won’t need the say so of a boss for anything. You are your own boss!

What you and I want is to be that 1%, which gets to jet around the world, go on cruises every few months and can leave millions in the savings account for their children when they grow up. More lifestyle perks will occur to you as you think about it. Your commute to work can be the walk down that sandy beach, your office golden shores against a turquoise sea. I believe that I will do it, and so can you. Let’s become part of that 1% and change the world!

If you are willing then I hope we can start on the journey to financial independence together. Mind your business, and start on the path to real prosperity. Escape the rat race!

If you want to make a change, click here!

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