As the theme for My Wise Owl is succeeding in life, both financially and otherwise, it makes sense to discuss what you plan to do when you succeed (not if – keep up that positive mind-set!) On that note, I ask you as a reader: what is your dream holiday?

I have to say that personally I was conflicted on this question at first. For me it is a choice between the famed backwaters of my land of origin, Kerala and a golden beach with turquoise water, the likes of which you could find on any number of idyllic Caribbean islands. After a bit of thought I think Kerala has to be the best holiday choice. Why? It is lush, green, and fertile with a lot more things to do on your holiday than a small beach in a far flung land. From good food to the great culture to awesome temple architecture, there is something for everyone in Kerala. Best of all, it is set against some of the best scenic imagery that one can think of.  Not for nothing is Kerala aptly nicknamed  ”God’s Own Land”.

‘’Backwater’’ is an interesting term to use, you might say. It sounds dull, unimportant, even pejorative. Typically people use such terms to describe unpleasant or unimportant places. Don’t worry about that. In this instance, the looks tend to belie the name. A long series of lagoons, lakes and rivers that are linked together and run up and down Kerala, the backwaters are a great support to the local tourism industry as well as a pride for Keralites – or Malayalis (their language is called Malayalam) as they like to call themselves. Dotted with long slender palm trees swaying in the breeze, heralded by a majestic sunrise over a lush green and blue land as you laze about on a houseboat rocking gently on the water.  What could constitute a better holiday?

I am speaking from experience when I talk about how amazing the Kerala backwaters are. I have been on a houseboat, which is the main method of transport on the backwaters. It was a near idyllic experience. Just sit down or lie back and enjoy the great scenery just passing you by, a soft Indian breeze against your face. You may see some wildlife, although that is unlikely except as you pass by the banks of more rural areas. The great things is there is very little of the hustle and bustle of modernity.  Best of all, you get food by the bucketful (literally in my case!). From delicious crispy prawns fresh from the lake to crispy fried chicken and fish curry (a delicacy which Kerala is famous for) there will be traditional food for all tastes. It is a great tourist experience which combines modern accommodation on the move with an authentic flavour and an unbeatable view.

When you are successful, you may recall reading this piece on My Wise Owl. I hope that you do, and it inspires you to take a step toward that dream holiday. Take a look at something new and breathtakingly beautiful. Go to the Kerala backwaters, and prepare for something amazing.

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