One of the basic ideas underlying Hindu philosophy is the concept that change is the only constant, and life is really the management of change.

By letting go of the past, we overcome the things that hold us back in all aspects of our lives.  What negativity there is has been overcome. Irrespective of your religious background (or lack thereof), the idea itself is great. Apply the principle of managing change to your life. Have you noticed that whenever you decide to have a clear out of your room or house, you notice little changes and improvements in your life? Solutions to challenging situations may appear, or new and unexpected professional or financial opportunities may arise. If so, then you understand the relationship between renewal and positive thought.

An underlying concept is that the less cluttered your personal space is, the less cluttered your life is. The world is energy in motion, and moving to attract positive energy is very important to dispel any impediments or blockages in your life as a whole. An important part of Eastern energy healing systems like Reiki is the need to dispel blockages so that energy can start flowing freely in the human body, also aiding the mind to be more positive. A similar idea lies behind the personal spaces we inhabit, our rooms and homes. An untidy room shows an unfocused mind, while holding onto old items for little purpose does no good. Unless they have real sentimental value, old items should go.

The title of this article is new month, new start. I try to apply this idea to my life now, cleaning out my room and helping clear the house. It gives me a real sense of possibility, of renewal and managed change. Making this a monthly, if not weekly ritual could be a very strong step on the way to changing your life, making you more resilient and opening you up to positive changes and opportunities. Own your life, make a new start once a month!

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