The importance of a good sleep cycle

We all need rest. Even the most energetic of us will at some point tire. Human beings are not designed to work 24 hours a day of course. That is why a regular sleep pattern is so vital, to restore our energy and keep us energised and enthusiastic for the next day ahead.

Ironically the importance of sleep is something that is frequently overlooked by people everywhere, from workers who hate Monday mornings to gym goers who don’t realise that body shape often changes the most during sleep. What are the main benefits of sleep? Well these are manifold, in the physical and psychological realm. Physically sleep helps to heal the muscles and body after they have been under stress. If you are passionate about exercise, as I am, you will recognise the benefits of this instantly. It is in resting, not during exercise, that muscles grow from the damage that they undergo during strenuous gym work. It can also help to make the mind more relaxed.

It is during sleep that the brain weeds out unnecessary thoughts and waste, helping to increase the efficiency of your mind as a whole. A good sleep cycle can also be conducive to more dreaming. Typically dreams are just energy, but for some people they can be important factors in understanding their own lives, their role in the universe, among other things of profound spiritual and personal interest and insight. However there are a number of factors driving a good sleep cycle which need to be better understood by ordinary people.

The Dos for good sleep include regularity, timing, activity and mental state prior to falling asleep. Regularity of sleep is obviously a no brainer. By establishing a regular time of sleep – and waking up early- we are allowing our body to work according to its own internal clock. That clock will not be out of sync. Activity is very important as well. Try a relaxing activity about an hour before you go to sleep, like reading. Light reading can help you get to sleep better.

The DON’Ts of getting a good sleep pattern are also important to follow. Avoid alcohol or cigarettes before bed if possible. Heavy meals can also be disruptive to sleep so it is best to eat light before going to sleep. Most importantly, avoid using phones, laptops and iPads as the light from these simulates daylight, which only confuses the brain.

In summary a good sleep pattern is simply essential for our bodies and minds to rest and repair to deal with the challenges of the week ahead. By being more energised in the morning, every morning, we are taking an important step toward owning our lives.

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