Tradition and modernity offers rich opportunity in Mexico

Mexico is a country steeped in history. A rich and dazzling tapestry of tribal tradition that coexists with the modern country of today.  How can the people of this amazing country wake up to their potential in business, and expand their horizons?

In my second article on the country, I suggest that the answer lies partly in Mexico’s strong sense of community. This is a country that has long been known for its strong ties of family and community. Extended family clans are often the norm. Such clans and a strong sense of kinship are factors that are valuable in what investors of a certain type look for abroad.

A strong sense of familial loyalty can also lead to an insular, inward looking perspective that is uninterested in the broad currents of the outside world. But by engaging in business people like the Mexicans can significantly broaden their horizons. From employment in direct selling to multi-level marketing to building a business in commerce, there are many options available for people looking to improve their lot. There is an interesting term coined by Indian PM Narendra Modi to describe people like them across the developing world. The neo-middle class, or people who aspire to middle class status but are just below it. This neo-middle class can exploit rapidly developing technologies for commerce, such as the internet.

The power of the internet is unrivaled and unparalleled in human history. It enables the storage of nearly all the world’s knowledge in servers barely the size of a room.  More practically it allows people in different countries to co-operate and co-ordinate with each other. What happens when you combine the financial multiplier that is the internet today with the powerful and old networks of family and community in Mexico? You get a powerful network that can enhance the growth of almost any business for nearly any investor. Tapping into it is going to be the key and the challenge.

The structure of wealth in Mexico is still lopsided, as it sadly is in many countries. Sure, there is a vibrant and rising middle class. But much of the nation’s wealth remains in the hands of a select few. What modern business models such as network marketing do is make wealth available to ordinary Mexican people. Especially to those Mexicans looking to assert themselves more in the modern world such as tribals and women.

Mexico remains a land of untapped opportunity both for foreign investors as well its own people who are looking to build businesses and become wealthy. Health is one region where Mexicans may wish to invest as their country is located in a region reputed for its history of esoteric and rounded healing techniques and traditional medicine. Enterprising investors can build on that legacy in the current supplements market, as an example.

That is just one aspect of a vast and multifaceted market. It is to be hoped that Mexican people take the opportunities afforded to them and look to own their lives.

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