Unleash the power of networks in Mexico

For my third and final article on the vast potential of the amazing Mexican market, I would like to focus on one thing: the power of networks.

What is it that makes Mexico such an attractive prospect or investors and businessmen? As I have said before the country is vast, diverse and perfectly situated in demographic terms to become a booming economy. Not for nothing has the country been billed as a potential world power in the long run. For those of you looking for fine returns, look no further than the youthfulness and energy of the country. The median age of the country in 2015 was 27.5 years. That is potentially quite impressive because it promises energy, ambition and vigour. Combine this with the Mexican propensity to network and you have a potentially awesome combination.

The wide range of family and community networks that form the bedrock Mexican interpersonal relations, from tribal people to the cities, is something to be admired. In the Western world where nuclear families often live in splendid isolation from their own neighbours it is something to potentially both be admired and emulated – although whether people in countries like the UK will do that remains to be seen. Nonetheless, networks are a formidable economic multiplier that can be leveraged effectively by a seasoned businessman or woman.

Enter multilevel marketing, a proven method capable of turning common people like you or I into millionaires. Ordinary people can sign up others like themselves into their company under them as teachers and guides, and then let those they sponsor below them in a downline grow that income stream automatically. This is likely to be a highly effective set up for Mexico. Young people in Mexico who sign up in, say, health products can learn to own their lives by bringing in new people from their families and local community networks.

The steady growth that this approach can deliver is fool proof. It is perfectly tailored to the unique circumstances of Mexico, a developing country with rates of internet penetration that is beginning to rise sharply. It overcomes disadvantages such as lack of opportunities in regular work – a factor in many young Mexicans seeking to leave their country.

People in Mexico looking to escape the boring and limiting world of working nearly 40 hours of week, dreading job security will want to look at this new strategy. The wealthiest people, the ones who really succeeded were the ones who learnt to trade, to invest, and above all to build their networks rather than going into the world of work. If you are Mexican and reading this, you can do it too.  Build a business to move into the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of.

If you are interested in learning to harness the power of networks and Owning Your Life, do click on this link.




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