I have often been a proponent of the power of positive thought. However what about the power of positive sound?

It has often been suggested that sound is a key factor in how we as human beings see and perceive the world at large. It can change the context of a conversation, change the mood and set the tone for the day. Everyone likes to listen to their favourite songs, while working, cooking and cleaning. It makes sense that positive sounds can lead to positive moods which can lead to positive days.

This sounds like common sense. In fact applying that common sense can make a difference to how we see the world and act within it. I am talking about the power of playing positive sounds, early in the morning (ideally) which can establish and reinforce positive behaviours. Listening to binaural sounds, which I explain more about later, can greatly aid one’s meditative practises. They can also help get rid of negative moods, thoughts and memories. By keeping the negativity at bay, they can also help flood our minds with positive thoughts and intentions. That can help empower us as people to start on the path to achieving what we really want in life.

What are binaural beats? They are simply two distinct musical tones played into your ears, both of them. The brain perceives the two different beats and starts generating brainwaves at the difference between the two frequencies. Basically let us assume the left ear receives 200 Hertz (Hz) of sound, while the right gets sound at the frequency of 205 hertz. The brain then follows on at the difference between the two frequencies, which is 5 Hertz. This is called training the brain or brain entrainment. Modern beats often work using similar sounds to those used by shamans, tribal healers as well as Hindu and Buddhist teachers to make the universe more in touch with you.

It is not uncommon for people who listen to binaural beats to often develop a feeling of serenity and calmness. Sometimes they can report a feeling of oneness with the universe as a whole. By listening to binaural beats people can train the brain to become more serene and attract the things that they want into their lives, whether that is a greater connection to the universe or more wealth and prosperity.

Why not try this for yourself? There are many YouTube channels playing binaural beats sounds for meditation, stress relief and other things. Check them out, and see how they make a positive difference in your life. A world of difference in fact. I have found that binaural beats – and the accompanying meditation- can help to channel more positive energy into your life and give you a greater sense of drive, motivation and purpose. I hope that listening to them, whether as a form of meditation or simple relaxation can help you too.

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