There is no such thing as time.

This is a recurrent theme of Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. It is also a concept that is closely followed by some mystics in the West. At first glance, this looks crazy, especially to those people who have grown up with Western concepts of linear time – that is to say most of the modern world today. We as humans split our conception of existence between past, present and future. But time is endogenous to (part of) space, and from a practical viewpoint that suggests that time is just a subjective part of the experience of our existence. There was no time before the Universe came into existence billions of years ago.

Living with a sense of timelessness can be a great way to transcend our sense of limitations, so that we can live a life that fulfils our potential to the maximum. If we approach the world without believing in ideas of past and future, we can do something called living in the Now. This is a holistic and proven ancient approach to life which can yield potentially transformational results in life, relationships, business, money. Above all it can mean a true feeling of being alive.

The difference between living in the now and being hung up on the past, or thinking over the future can be profound. It is the most powerful form of being mindful. You will be focused on doing what it that you need to do, and want to do, in that moment. You are not living in the past, or dreading (or anticipating) the future. Such an approach allows individuals to focus fully, to immerse ourselves in the moment. This allows us to simply enjoy being alive, to cherish all the experiences that we receive in being in that moment.

This is a point that could generate great psychological well-being and make people more efficient in making business decisions. Living in the moment – in the Now- can lead to feelings of much greater serenity. Some people have even reported feelings of oneness with the Universe and everything in it after some time trying to live only in the present. While it may take some time to reach that state, the overall benefits are substantial.

By approaching the world as if time does not exist, the sense of empowerment that can come is likely to be substantial. It is an approach to living that could yield great results for overall peace, contentment and happiness. It wouldn’t hurt to try it.

Live in the present. All time is Now.


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