The benefits of exercise

Exercise has long been recognised as being very beneficial for both mind and body. It gives focus, instils discipline and helps to relieve stress.

There are other benefits too. It can improve the overall aesthetic of the body. For businesspeople this is actually quite important. A good physical presentation ranks alongside the most important positive traits that exist for people seeking to succeed in business. It will not inspire confidence in a gentleman or a lady if they are perceived as having bad posture or they appear to be grossly unfit.

What is the optimal way of achieving fitness?  Firstly, diet is critically important in all cases. It has often been said that you are what you eat. This is indeed true for many people. The general rule of thumb is that the body is decided 80% by diet and 20% by exercise. That effectively rules out the Big Mac after the gym! In all seriousness, a healthy diet with a good mix of carbohydrates, protein and vitamins is optimal. Freshly cooked food such as pasta or rice and chicken with vegetables is the way to go. In fact the healthiest food is probably boiled. This has the best collection of vitamins and nutrients that you need to stabilise and grow your body after a workout.

Another important factor is rest. Muscles do not heal – and grow- at the gym. They grow when at rest. This is why, along with food, sleep is an important factor. This is not to say that napping during the day is an effective tool for developing yourself. Far from it, too much sleep is not healthy either. The optimal sleep pattern is around eight hours of sleep a night for an adult. This should be coupled with healthy breaks from the gym occasionally, particularly if you are lifting heavy weights. Perhaps 1-2 days break in between sessions if your weights workout is intense, although the ideal break between gym sessions is really dependant on your body.

The exercises themselves can vary dependent on what the needs of your body. Smaller slim people will benefit from compound exercises (which work multiple muscles at once) such as squats and deadlifts whereas bigger people will find themselves getting bigger and fitter with relatively less strenuous isolation exercises which work individual muscles such as the biceps and triceps. Examples of this include the bicep curl. Often lifting heavy weights can be highly beneficial for people looking to lose weight. This could be well supplemented by another series of exercises such as aerobics or total body conditioning, which can help to keep the body fit and supple, as well as increasing your endurance, stamina and balance.

A healthy diet combined with challenging exercise and a good amount of rest can go a long way to making you fitter and more energetic. The aesthetic improvements and the benefits of that also cannot be argued with. If you want to succeed in business, I would recommend regular exercise at least thrice a week as part of a pathway to success. Make that part of your personal development plan and you won’t regret it.

Disclaimer: This post is the opinion of the author, and not intended as health advice.




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