The only permanence is change

Just let it go.

This is common spiritual and temporal advice from the great spiritual traditions of the East for all situations. Life itself is all about change. Sometimes it will be positive, sometimes negative, but nothing in the world lasts. In fact, when you reflect and observe on our world as a whole you will find that this is universally true. The challenge is in accepting this and moving on whenever we have to deal with setbacks or losses.

That there will be setbacks is a given in the world of business, as in life in general. How many people struggled in life before succeeding personally and financially? How did they do it? They just let it go. They didn’t allow themselves to be weighed down by their worries, their cares and or their issues. To paraphrase the Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu holy book, what is yours today will be another’s tomorrow, and yet another’s the day after. There is nothing that can be truly substantial in this world. So conversely what is perceived as a setback today could well present itself as a new opportunity in the near future. Everything happens for a reason in the Universe.

In accepting change, even the biggest change such as the passing of those near and dear to us, we become stronger people. That stoic resilience in the face of unhappiness, and same sense of even calm in times of great happiness is the hallmark of the most sophisticated and developed human personalities. People like that are ideally equipped to overcome their challenges and apply themselves to really leave a powerful legacy for themselves. The aim of every human being should be to leave as positive a legacy as they can for themselves.

This draws on my previous article, about living in the now. The past no longer matters. The future is almost a million different possibilities, but only you can make those possibilities actual or real. Remember and honour those that have moved on, acknowledge your setbacks and limitations and work to overcome it. The best way to do this is by detachment, with any desire for any particular outcome in your endeavour. If you don’t succeed first time, you can always try again. When you do succeed you can then move on to bigger and better things.

The underlying reality of the world, irrespective of creed is that it is always in motion. The Universe does not stand still for anyone. It is up to you to take responsibility for your own empowerment and development.  Appreciate the beauty of a Universe that is always constantly in motion. There is a saying, carpe diem (seize the day). I would expand on this to say…seize the moment. Every moment of our existence on Earth is brimming with possibility. By letting go of our attachment to the past, and our pondering over the future, we empower ourselves to live a life of possibility in the long run.

By embracing the constant of change and abandoning negativity, we open ourselves up to live lives of real possibility and hope.

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