The most successful and effective people are the ones that have a high level of energy. Where does our energy come from? Our food. Those of us who eat well, will often do better in sustaining higher levels of motivation and endurance than those that don’t.

Eating well is not the same as eating a lot. It is notable that Great Britain, like our cousins in the United States of America, has an obesity problem. Too many people don’t take care of their diet in the way that they should. Food that is obviously unhealthy should be done away with. Fried food, fatty foods and salty foods are clearly must-avoids. That means less of the McDonald’s, more of the salads. Otherwise you are letting yourself down, especially if you are a regular gym goer like me.

I am not going to pretend to be perfect. I do have a sweet tooth, and I certainly enjoy the odd burger. Or kebab. Yes, it is a naughty indulgence. But I also have the discipline to know that these are not good for me. They will make me chubby, which is exactly what I do not want to be. I make sure, almost military style, to have a food diary of what I eat and roughly when. This is very useful for me because it enables to stand up to my cravings a lot better. It means that my diet is nutritious. It is good for not only the body but the brain. For a full time writer such as myself that is very important. I find that I think and write better when I am eating healthy. Today, I restrict unhealthy food to one ‘cheat day’ a week.

A healthy diet is one that balances protein, carbohydrates and vegetables effectively. It is also one that avoids excessive use of frying. Studies have consistently shown that East Asian diets, particularly that of the Japanese are the healthiest in the world. The Japanese consistently top life expectancy charts. They have hardly any fried meat, they eat plenty of vegetables and have only moderate amounts of sugar, if any. The Japanese people are famed for the record amounts of fish and seaweeds they eat. Fish has a link with brain function as well as longevity. It may often be a better choice of protein than meat, with comparatively less fat.  That is the example that perhaps should be the aspirational ideal for those looking to achieve the highest standard of nutritional development.

Fruits and vegetables are vital and frequently unfortunately overlooked. They provide not only vitamins and minerals to help keep your body’s immune system well stocked, but can also contribute the calories to help your body recover from the exertions of the gym. Those nutrients in fruits and veg keep your body going and stave off colds.  Supplement these with steamed or boiled rice, which is the best source of carb.

It is true that you are what you eat. If your diet is a good healthy mix all the nutrients that people need then you are set for a productive and healthy life!

This is the view of the author and do not represent professional dietary advice.

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