Dieting – live the change

Last month, I wrote about how diets can make a difference to our life. Today, I can report to you about living the change.

There are many people who either dismiss the idea of dieting or do not have the willpower to go through with a diet. The fact is that eating healthy can have a drastic impact on energy levels, stamina, body tone and definition as well as moods. The previous Wise Owl article mentioned the idea of cheat days. Now imagine taking that concept one step further. Suppose the cheat day was eliminated altogether? That is what was suggested in a new diet eliminating all sweets, alcohol and junk. I reacted to the challenge with initial scepticism. To my horror, I found myself signing up to it. I am not sure what made me do it. Perhaps subconsciously I felt that it was time to try something different.

After nearly six weeks of this new regime – I must confess not always successfully- differences are visible not only in my physical performance in exercise, but also in my whole attitude to food. Whereas before I had been focused on cheat days – if only out of boredom – now I am happy going the whole week on a diet that is largely free of unhealthy oils, chemicals, carcinogens. When I get tempted by biscuits I find myself reaching for fruit instead.  Of course I don’t pretend to be perfect. The ever present temptation of sweets and junk (I am a non-drinker) raise their ugly heads from time to time. Being presented with wedding and birthday cakes respectively from parties is not ideal. Still, three slices of cake, a handful of chips, one maltesers and one polo later (after six weeks!) I feel I can be proud of my progress.

That is no small or mean feat. It is another part of why changing diets is such a significant act. It gives you a goal, something to think about and work toward achieving. If as a junk food enthusiast I can do this in nearly six weeks, there is no reason why all you readers can’t either. The next challenge of course is to sustain this new approach until Christmas. That will be doubly hard in the face of incessant advertising in this consumerist age of ours. But it can be done. Putting in effort and seeing results is something that is highly encouraging and can give wavering dieters the strength to go on, and perhaps even to adopt the diet permanently. Sure, it’s a caveman diet…but no-one could ever accuse hunter gatherers of being unfit. No sugar, sweets or alcohol for two months at a time. Try it – it may just change your life.


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