Manifest your desires

Yes it is really possible to manifest what you desire in your life.

This concept is not in the realm of fantasy. It is the world of reality, or rather reality as we perceive it. The Universe has long been believed to be a conscious entity by ancient cultures of the East, particularly in the traditions of India. All existence is considered to be pure consciousness made manifest. This means that the great – well infinite, really- intelligence of universal consciousness is responding to our own thoughts, our hopes, and dreams. Everything that we are and will be is contained within ourselves. All we have to do is realise the potential. That is the fundamental basis of the law of attraction.

How can we do this? The important thing is to visualise. Visualising a particular outcome can lead to that outcome slowly being made manifest. It is important to note that visualisation alone does not work as effectively. You need to live the change in your life. That means that you need to act as though the big change you are seeking has actually taken place. So if you act as though you are becoming successful in your chosen field, then you will find that actual success follows in that field. That doesn’t mean going crazy and spending recklessly or uncontrollably, as many people associate success with financial progress. It does mean taking the opportunity every now and again to demonstrate an aura of abundance. If you invest and spend wisely you will find that the universe rewards you by giving you more opportunities for investment, personal and financial growth.

Also very important is to have gratitude along with your visualisation and actions to manifest what you want. If you show the conscious universe that you are grateful for not only what you do have but what you are about to have, then you will get it. As and you will receive, it has been said.  The combination of visualisation, positive action to get what you want and gratitude is something that is believed to work the world over. This is the law of attraction: what you are radiating to the world in your thoughts and feelings is exactly what you will attract. Try it, it may just change your life.

Disclaimer: This article and website do not constitute advice, financial or otherwise. It is the opinion of the author only.

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