Mohammed Ali once said that champions need both skill and will, but the will must be stronger than the skill. The key to succeeding is believing that you can do it.

At the core of believing in yourself is the concept of affirmations. These are basically brief positive statements often no more than one line long, that can be repeated by you as many times as you want. They can empower you, build up your confidence, dispel negative thoughts and be all round effective. Often they revolve round themes of empowerment and change. Get up early in the morning and repeat some these. There are some fantastic YouTube videos that have hours of these out there.  Below are some great examples of affirmations.

  1. I am powerful
  2. I am successful
  3. I am living a life of abundance
  4. The world is full of opportunity
  5. I am healthy
  6. I am wealthy
  7. I am present

These are generic affirmations that anyone can say. They are great do all the things I mentioned earlier, but they’re also excellent for helping build structure and routine for those of you who are lacking in that area. Later in this article I will go into the concept of specific affirmations personal to each person. However firstly let’s look at some of the above six examples in detail.

‘’I am powerful’. This looks like a strange thing for an ordinary Joe Bloggs to say. After all most people hold no real power in the sense of having great wealth or political influence. But there is a deeper layer of power within each of us, the ability to shape our own lives to the better, and the ability to bend the universe itself to our will. The concept of belief becoming equivalent to reality plays out here for those people who repeat this affirmation repeatedly. You are what you attract. Ever noticed that positive people tend to do better than negative people? There is a reason for that.

‘’I am healthy’’ is an important one. Without health, wealth means very little. It is being healthy that helps us to focus more effectively, to generate the energy that makes our lives better, little by little. The idea of living a life of abundance is one that should permeate every aspect of your living, regardless of your circumstances. If you believe that the universe is abundant then it will become abundant for you. There is scientific logic behind all of this. It is about programming your brain to change its subconscious patterns of thinking. What this will do is enhance your conscious ability to plan ahead for a wealthier, happy and more successful future.

What about personal affirmations? Well naturally we all have challenges in our lives. Overcoming those challenges requires hard work on our part, as well the support of those closest to us. If you create your own affirmations to do with your personal issues, whether those are in wealth, health, finance or relationships, specific affirmations to do with those circumstances you may begin to see a difference in your life.

Try it yourself, see how it goes. It can change your mindset, remove negative thoughts and give you the strength to succeed.

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