The power of rising early in the morning

There are two types of people in the world: early risers and late risers. Guess which tend to have the more successful careers, relationships and lives?

That’s right, it is the people who get up early. As someone who used to like sleeping late, I can tell you personally that the hour you rise up at makes all the difference in your day to day attitude, energy level and overall capability. I don’t pretend to be perfect, getting to this stage was a long hard slog for me. It can be hard for many people to get up early, especially if you like your sleep like me. However it is totally worth it. When rising early, it gives you a sense of grounding and daily mission that might otherwise be missing from your routines.

Why is this so important? It gives you a solid foundation for the day. In keeping with one of the emergent themes of Wise Owl, it is vital for people to learn to live in the moment to the maximum extent possible. That can only be begun by living from day to day, rather than thinking always about what tomorrow holds. The best way to learn to live day to day is to get up early and begin to plan your day in the early morning.

There are other reasons. Most people will find that the most productive time is in the morning. Between six and seven in the morning (or earlier) after your brain has had enough sleep, and you feel refreshed and recharged you can effectively start planning working on what you want to do whether that’s in work, business or fitness.  There is a sense of a unique perspective that you can get from being an early riser. This can give you a great sense of direction in life.

The ancient Indians, who were among history’s smartest people (they invented chess, among other things) knew that getting up early in the morning and performing sun salutations would make a big difference to health, in both body and mind. While you don’t have to do that, if you enjoy practising yoga you may find it incredibly helpful and empowering. I have found that doing sun salutations or some form of yoga in the morning can set me up for the day on a physical as well as mental level. Try it, and you may find that it can change your overall fitness as well as make you feel healthier. Wealth starts with good health!

By getting up earlier in the morning, you develop a sense of grounding, purpose and mission which can help lay the foundations for you to achieve your goals in life. Your attitude and capability will both increase. It will also increase your productivity on a physical level. Best of all, you could combine all of the things that Wise Owl has talked about so far, starting the early morning with sun salutations or yoga, then meditation followed by affirmations. All of it, together, a great path to empowerment.

Try it yourself. Get up early, and feel that power in your hands.



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