In the modern industrialised West, we are always in a rush. Always thinking about this or that, never living in the moment. How can we change this, so that we are more peaceful and calm in going about our daily lives? The answer lies in an esoteric practise that many have heard of but few actually take the time to practise: meditation.

Meditation is the art (or science, depending on your view) of stilling the mind. Quieting it so that the distractions of the everyday slowly melt away. Just sitting there, getting to know yourself, getting in tune with the broader universe. The great thing is that you don’t have to be religious to do it, which is a misconception. Whether you are atheistic, theistic or agnostic you can do meditation. Nor do you need to be supremely disciplined in the art of slowly silencing all the thoughts in your head. That comes with practise and time.

The best way to start meditation is to do it simply. A few minutes at a time. Maybe between 3 and 5 minutes will do. Find a comfortable spot in your house where there is no noise. You can meditate morning, day or evening but personally I find that the early morning is best, before my mind is cluttered with daily activities.  Make sure that you are undisturbed. You can sit down cross legged on a mat on the floor or sit in the normal position on a sofa if you prefer. It is up to you. Perhaps light a candle and an incense stick. These will help control the atmosphere in the room; make it more pleasant and accommodating. Gentle music may help you if you are starting out in meditation, although as you start to do deeper meditation as you progress it may prove to be less helpful.  Now you can begin.

Once you’re comfortable, close your eyes. Switch yourself off from your surroundings. Whatever you were thinking about earlier, whether it was work or business, or maybe about food afterward, just let it go. The key part of meditation is stilling the mind. Many people find this an unrealistic, if not slightly scary prospect. After all as humans we’re always thinking about something. I find that the best way to stop thinking is just to focus on your breaths. Breathe in, 1…2…3..hold. Breath out in 1..2…3. As you listen to the sound of your breath, you may be aware of the music playing the background. Perhaps this will help you focus. You may find images of your thoughts for the day flashing in the mind. The way to deal with this is acknowledge it, but don’t become involved in these thoughts. Let them just pass on, without you thinking about them any further. That is for AFTER the meditation session. At the end of the session, just open your eyes. Let the feeling of calmness just wash over you.

You will find yourself calmer, energised and refreshed. If you have done it in the morning then you will feel ready for the day. If in the evening you will be better able to deal with the stresses of your day. Meditating every few days will make a difference to your life, help to put you in a better position to make good decisions whether in business, work or relationships.

Try meditation today and just let the stress melt away….


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