Last year, I wrote a post on dream holidays – the rewards of a successful life. The subject of that was a holiday in Kerala. Following on that theme this year, I cover Malta, another great holiday destination located in the Mediterranean. Sun, sea and sand. Throw in some great historical sites and authentic Mediterranean food, what more could you ask for?

The waters surroundings the islands of Malta are pure and clean. They can remind one of a nice tropical beach. It sounds idyllic and in many ways for a relaxing summer holiday it is ideal. The scenery when you come in to land in the early morning is great to see. The country is reputed for its sunny weather. With 300 days of sunshine on average it’s not hard to see why this might be the case. For holidaymakers from the colder climes of Northern Europe, particularly places like Great Britain, Malta can be a very memorable getaway almost irrespective of the time of the year.

Malta as a country has a very rich history stretching back several thousand years, with ancient pagan temples that predate the Roman Empire by some time. Belying its peaceful present, it has been at the forefront of strategic struggles between mighty empires for a very long time. It was conquered by the Romans, fought over between the Ottomans and the Knights of St John and more recently braved bombing and siege by the Axis powers during the Second World War when it was a British colony. It never fell, and was awarded the George Cross by the British government for its courage and resilience during the War. Today Malta proudly bears the George Cross on its national flag.

While the capital city Valetta is infrequently dotted with traditional red British telephone boxes and post boxes, and English is widely spoken and understood Malta has broadly left the British colonial legacy behind. This is especially the case with the culinary aspect of the Island’s culture. The food has some Italian imprint, particularly the pizza but one can also get a taste of authentic Malta in the great range of local bread they do on the island. The chocolates are also not to be missed, as there is again a very good range of it available.

The hilly terrain of Malta lends itself to some fantastic views. You could go to the top of the fort in Valetta for a literal bird’s eye view of the city and landscape, including the harbour. This is fantastic in the summer. It is also a great example of history for those of you who are historically inclined, with re-enactments of cannon salutes as well.

For a relaxing beach break you could do worse than check out the beach at Gozo. There is a long drive to the ferry which then takes some 20 minutes to reach Gozo, but the beaches are fantastic and wotrth the journey. Clear water with no weeds, manmade rubbish or other unpleasant sights. Unsurprisingly tourists throng to these beaches in large numbers to get their fill of sunshine and relaxation.  The seafood at Gozo is also good.

Overall Malta ticks a lot of the boxes for a family holiday, and also a clubbing scene in St Andrews beach area for younger people. Extremely pleasant weather, respectable range of cuisine, many sites of historical interest; it has the works for a brief relaxing break.  It is definitely a place I would recommend.


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