Visualise your way to success

If you close your eyes and really wish for something to come true you will often find that it does come true.

This is no fairy story, it is a powerful orientation technique used by the most successful people in the world including Olympic athletes and businessmen. Seeing what you want, in front of you, visualising it every day is a powerful psychological driver for success. In our heads, our brains can tell the difference between what reality is and what we aspire it to be. It will then work subconsciously to bring our aspired reality to fruition. Synergising dream and reality. The key is focus and intensity.

The combination of emotion, willpower and determination is what leads to manifestation. This is an extension of the popular concept of manifesting your desires. Specifically it is the specific technique of visualisation that leads to the eventual success of manifestation. If you want to succeed in sport, see yourself lifting that trophy over your head. If you think being a multimillionaire businessman –or woman – is more your thing then just imagine that in your head. Repeatedly and passionately. The universe is a massive manifestation of possibilities. Every person is the master of his or her destiny, and he or she can chart their own course in changing their lives for the better.

There is no set process for this approach of visualising success. Personally I think doing it early in the morning and before you go to sleep in the night is quite an effective way. Take a couple of minutes to envisage and envision whatever it is that you want to bring into reality. Powerfully visualise it. How to do that powerfully? Pour your feeling and emotion into the vision. That feeling must however be authentic and positive. This is important for a number of reasons. Positive sentiments are mutually reinforcing; that is thinking positive can change not only your mood for the day but your whole way of thinking.

Intense visualisation of the end goal will make that goal come much closer in time. It could be in six months, two years or a decade. It could be next week. You never know. The Universe works in mysterious ways, but for the most part in ways that ultimately benefit us. All you have to do is ask. Visualisation is a powerful means of asking.

Of course, visualisation alone means nothing. Only through great hard work can anything of substance be achieved. Otherwise you would remain a dreamer only and nothing more. But having that first positive thought in your head in the morning, visualising where you are successful can make all the difference to your life in the long run. Try it now yourself after reading this article. Visualise your success!

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