Five Feng Shui tips to make more money!

It is a challenging time for the world. There is a viral pandemic. The good news is, the fatality rate of this disease outbreak is low, at between 3 and 10%. This too will pass. As human beings, we will overcome the adversity. The global economy will eventually, recover. There will be new opportunities for economic prosperity. In this article, I explore how Feng Shui (pronounced Feng Shway), the ancient system which harmonises the way you arrange your environment in order to manage your life, can be used to ease the flow of wealth into your home. Potentially improve your finances and opportunities with these five Feng Shui tips.

1. A water fountain can always make a big difference

Keep a water fountain in your living room. There is a reason for this. Water is profoundly associated with wealth. It is the element of life. The Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi sits atop a lotus flower on water. The presence of a water fountain in your living space signifies life, vitality and financial success.  It also creates a sense of calm and peace.

2. Clear out junk from under your bed

Many people like to keep their rooms clean and tidy in any case, but this is a significant tip. Keeping objects under your bed is often a source of blockage and negative energy. Having sharp objects under your bed is a particularly big no-no. It is a dangerous point of negative energy that can not only hamper your financial prospects, but also actually impact on your health. If you have tools of any kind under your bed, remove them immediately. Again, I have personally experienced the positivity that comes from removing clutter from under the bed. Within weeks of clearing under my bed, I got invited to interviews and writing opportunities (one of which I accepted). Folks, it doesn’t take too much work to keep your room and underneath your bed clean.

3. Keep a Laughing Buddha in the living room

A lot of people have a Laughing Buddha in their garden or front lawn. This is great and helps radiate positive energy to the universe. However I think that the best place to put it is in your living room. Having a great pot-bellied Buddha in the living room, his eyes and mouth wide open in mirth and ecstasy, is a great way to increase your chances of financial abundance and success. The Laughing Buddha has long been a respected feature of ancient cultures in countries like Japan and India. The combination of joy, gratitude and contentment that the Laughing Buddha represents can radiate out from your home to your neighbourhood, town, city and the world. Try rubbing his big pot belly every now and again. I often find myself getting more writing contracts after I do so!

4. Keep a small pot or container of cash in your living room

Keep a small pot of cash next to the Laughing Buddha in your living room. This is also a very effective method of increasing your financial success. It is a way of indicating to the Universe that you are financially well-off, and you expect to make more money in the future. This is a great message to transmit in terms of the energies of the world. It’s a truism that wealth attracts more wealth, which is exactly the way that it should be. If you keep a pot of coins in your living room (you can use paper money too), then you will find yourself earning more money in real life. More business opportunities and work will come your way.

  1. Keeping the toilet lid closed

This article began with a water related point and closes with one, underlining the importance of water. The water closet is not a place that you would expect to be a centre of energy, financial or otherwise, right? Well, according to Feng Shui, leaving the toilet seat lid up means that the toilet sucks the ‘Chi’, or life force energy, out of the house. In the process, you are sending a message to the universe that you are prepared to allow positive energy to flow out of the house. This leads to the house becoming less wealthy (and healthy).  There is a simple answer to this obstacle: leave the seat down and shut! Don’t forget to do this. It makes a very big difference. People who are sceptical may wish to consider the hygiene aspect of this as well. Since remembering to leave the lid down, I have found more financial opportunities and a better quality of life, as have members of my family. It may seem a simple, trivial thing, but it can make a difference.

I hope you find these tips useful.  I would urge you to try as many of them out as possible.

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute financial advice.


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