Five Feng Shui tips to make more money!

It is a challenging time for the world. There is a viral pandemic. The good news is, the fatality rate of this disease outbreak is low, at between 3 and 10%. This too will pass. As human beings, we will overcome the adversity. The global economy will eventually, recover. There will be new opportunities for…Read more »

Kerala- the perfect getaway destination

It’s that time of year again here in the UK. People have settled into the efforts and promise of a new year, the rain is pouring, the winds are howling and biting cold all causing innumerable ‘sick days’. The minds of many will already be focusing on getaways to warmer and more pleasant climes.  What…Read more »

Unleash the power of networks to reach the top

To paraphrase a wise man, the rich don’t look for work. They build businesses. Above all, they build networks. That is the true source of their success. However, what is a network? More importantly, how can one exploit if for maximum financial and personal gain? These are very relevant questions. One cannot build something with…Read more »

Visualise your way to success

If you close your eyes and really wish for something to come true you will often find that it does come true. This is no fairy story, it is a powerful orientation technique used by the most successful people in the world including Olympic athletes and businessmen. Seeing what you want, in front of you,…Read more »

Malta- a relaxing summer break

Last year, I wrote a post on dream holidays – the rewards of a successful life. The subject of that was a holiday in Kerala. Following on that theme this year, I cover Malta, another great holiday destination located in the Mediterranean. Sun, sea and sand. Throw in some great historical sites and authentic Mediterranean…Read more »

Relax and meditate: How to focus your mind

In the modern industrialised West, we are always in a rush. Always thinking about this or that, never living in the moment. How can we change this, so that we are more peaceful and calm in going about our daily lives? The answer lies in an esoteric practise that many have heard of but few…Read more »

The power of rising early in the morning

There are two types of people in the world: early risers and late risers. Guess which tend to have the more successful careers, relationships and lives? That’s right, it is the people who get up early. As someone who used to like sleeping late, I can tell you personally that the hour you rise up…Read more »