Dieting – live the change

Last month, I wrote about how diets can make a difference to our life. Today, I can report to you about living the change. There are many people who either dismiss the idea of dieting or do not have the willpower to go through with a diet. The fact is that eating healthy can have…Read more »

The benefits of exercise

Exercise has long been recognised as being very beneficial for both mind and body. It gives focus, instils discipline and helps to relieve stress. There are other benefits too. It can improve the overall aesthetic of the body. For businesspeople this is actually quite important. A good physical presentation ranks alongside the most important positive…Read more »

Live in the Now

There is no such thing as time. This is a recurrent theme of Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. It is also a concept that is closely followed by some mystics in the West. At first glance, this looks crazy, especially to those people who have grown up with Western concepts of linear time – that is…Read more »